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We are developing a novel therapeutic discovery platform for Alzheimer's disease.

Applied Cognition is developing a novel medical device and platform for translational measurement of a newly discovered biology of the brain whose failure has been shown to cause neurodegeneration in preclinical models.


We will be the first to non-invasively, continuously measure this biology in humans enabling us to develop treatments that stop or reverse the progression of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and  Parkinson's.

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Cost of supportive care per year for Medicare in the U.S.


Total cost per patient in the last 5 years of life with dementia.


3x higher spent by Medicare on a patient with AD compared to all other seniors.


Without disease modifying therapy, the cost of managing Alzheimer's disease continues to grow.

47 million Americans have asymptomatic Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer’s is the most expensive disease in the U.S., costing more than cancer care and heart disease, yet no treatments exist to slow or prevent the progression of the disease.

The New Science of Alzheimer's

Image by Josh Riemer

Recent discoveries in the biology of Alzheimer’s disease highlight the interplay between neurophysiological, cerebral vascular and neurovascular coupling playing a critical role in the clearance of neurodegenerative proteins and metabolic waste products. 

This interplay is responsible for clearing toxic amyloid and tau waste.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Our novel first-in-human approach to measuring this new biology uses innovations in microtechnology, material sciences and AI to deliver an unobtrusive, wearable medical device.

With continuous monitoring of this biology we will discover interventions to engage it and therapeutics to slow or halt Alzheimer’s disease progression. 


Completed internal studies

Clinical Trials

Clinical Development

We are validating our platform in clinical trials and using it to discover new therapeutics.

We are validating our medical device against neuroimaging measurements. We are demonstrating our platform's ability to measure engagement of this biology using diverse therapeutic modalities that we will advance into clinical development.

Our Founders


Paul Dagum, MD PhD

CEO & Co-Founder

Paul is an entrepreneur, physician and computer scientist with a track record of bringing product, technology, and business model innovation in healthcare, cybersecurity and supply chain through four successful venture-backed companies as founder, CSO, CTO and CEO.

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Jake Winebaum

Executive Chairman &


Jake is a serial entrepreneur with a decade-long interest in using connected devices and data to improve work, health, and athletic performance and a history of converting his interests into successful companies across a wide range of industries from media to healthcare.

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Our Team & Collaborators

We're a unique team of physician scientists, neuroscientists, computer scientists, material scientists, microtechnology engineers, product and industrial designers, mechanical and software engineers, and Alzheimer's neurologists who come from some of the most highly reputed institutions in the nation, as seen here.​

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Our Scientific Advisory Board

We collaborate with outstanding physician scientists and neuroscientists leading research in neurodegeneration and with pioneering computer scientists and electrical engineers working in AI and microtechnology.

Our Investors

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